Writ in Water: An International Gallery of Memorials for the Dead. Original images that include the graves of Jim Morrison, John Keats, Dante, Oscar Wilde, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Gustav Dore, Percy Shelley, Marie Laveau. Art of cemetery, graveyard, necropolis, crypt, tomb. Images from France (Pere Lachaise, Paris), England (Highgate Cemetery, Whitby), Italy (Saint Peters, Protestant Cemetery, Rome), Ireland, California (Evergreen Cemetery, Santa Cruz), Massachusetts (Salem witch trials), New Orleans.

A cemetery is a quiet place. Graveyards are the silent cities of the dead. They are homes where our loved ones continue to visit us in death, just as they once visited our homes. Some cemeteries are so grand they truly deserve to be called a city of the dead - a necropolis. Wherever I go, I try to capture the voices suspended in marble, the dead remembered by roses.

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I own and photographed all of the images in this gallery, and they may not be used without permission. Come and walk through the tall grasses, enter with humility and respect, and never forget the dead that we have loved.

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Includes Highgate Cemetery in London (the site of a famous vampire hunt), St. Mary's (Whitby - the site of a famous vampire novel, Dracula - Carfax Abbey), Rye, and Bath.


Père Lachaise - Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde


Includes St. Peters (Vatican), Florence (Dante Alighieri Memorial), and the Protestant Cemetery in Rome (Percy Shelley, John Keats)


Includes Newgrange and Aran Islands. Nice Celtic crosses.

Santa Cruz, California

Historic Evergreen Cemetery

New Orleans Area, Louisiana

St. Louis #1 (Marie Laveau), Metairie Cemetery, and a bayou cemetery

Salem Area, Massachusetts

Burying Point Cemetery(Salem) and Old Burial Hill Cemetery (Marblehead). There is a Salem Witch Trial judge buried here.

Concord, Massachusetts

Old Hill Burying Point and Sleepy Hollow Cemetery (Nathaniel Hawthorne, Ralph Waldo Emerson)

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